One of the mistakes many Christians seem to make is to become complacent in our faith. It is easy to think that we have arrived, that we have attained all of the knowledge and understanding required when we believed and confessed Jesus as Lord. Now all we need to do is to keep God happy by showing up at church occasionally, and putting a little cash in the plate. Oh, and maybe try not to cuss too much.

The Apostle Paul would certainly disagree with this kind of attitude. In his letter to the Church in Rome, he said that such thinking amounts to conforming to the ways of the world. Instead, he urged his readers to be “transformed”.

Sounds like he’s seeking new converts, right? Here’s the thing - Paul wasn’t writing to non-believers. He was writing to people who had already confessed Jesus as Lord - people whom he addressed as “saints”. And he urged them to “transform” – to be changed. “Complacent believers” would be an oxymoron to Paul. [The Greek word Paul uses in Romans 12:2 is “metamorphoo” – a word from which the English word “metamorphosis” is derived. And, yes, a caterpillar changing into a butterfly is exactly the idea Paul wanted to convey to his readers.]

At Tammany Oaks in 2018, we have been exploring what it means for followers of Christ to be transformed. We are finding that this kind of transformation is not simple, nor is it a one-time thing. It is life-long process. It requires time in The Word, and time in prayer, and time in worship, and time with one another. We are praying for The Holy Spirit to diligently work in us so that, as Paul said in 2 Corinthians 3:18, we will “become more and more like Him”.

We aren’t there yet. We still make lots of mistakes. But we are learning to lean on each other, and to love each other, and to extend hands of help and friendship, and to rejoice with each other in times of victory, and to weep with each other in times of pain. We are starting to look and act and talk a little more like Jesus. We would love for you to join us so that we can help each other on this journey of transformation.

~Elder Ambrose Ramsey 

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