Our Mission

The first words spoken in this Universe were: "Let There Be Light." And with those words, God Himself, in all His brilliant, majestic, shining glory, stepped into our world and into our lives, and there was light. Now, as His children, we are called to be the light that is so desperately needed in this sin-darkened world. We need to consider what it means to "be" the Christ in our homes, jobs, schools, and neighborhoods. But, [in the words of Randy Harris in "Soul Work"]:

"What would happen if, when you looked around at all the people you encounter, what you did is to SEE Christ? All of a sudden, arrogance and self-sufficiency and all that stuff just disappear. It's impossible to take a position of superiority with any person when you see in them the Christ. Rather, you start to engage in a kind of service to them that cannot be driven by duty, but is driven by seeing the Christ. Then, humility...becomes not just a theory but something we live."

And so, the mission of each of us in the Tammany Oaks Church of Christ is to bring light, to “be” Christ as we walk through this world, to “see” Christ in the people we encounter and serve, and to do everything with complete humility. We have not yet achieved this, but the Holy Spirit is continuing His work to make us into people whose lives bring praise and glory to God the Father.

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